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Erle’s Talking Stick

Speaking your truth.

When I was young, often, my brother, sister and I would visit my paternal grandparents at their cabin during the summers.

It was our indoctrination to nature and ultimately, to God.

I remember being outdoors, a lot, all day; coming in for food and water and, once replenished, to head outside soon and to experience the greatest place on Earth, outdoors.

There were other kids who we joined in with and played all types of games, mostly made up.

On a couple of occasions, I remember something happened that required adult input. Who knows what actually happened, but we needed someone to intervene.

When these occurrences arose, my grandfather, Erle, stepped in. He wasn’t a big man but he did carry a big stick. He called it his talking stick. It was a branch from the mountain area where the cabin was located. It was about 4 feet long, and he had whittled it to a reasonable smoothness.

Erle’s Sacred Space

When the truth was needed, he would call each of us in, one at a time, and sit us down at one end of their hearty dining room table. He would create a safe atmosphere. I was never afraid of my grandfather. He always made me feel safe, validated, loved. We all knew he cared.

He would tell me that his talking stick was where you could speak your truth and that you were protected.

I’m really not sure what it was made out of, either Lodge Pole Pine or Red Fir. Maybe I should take it to Harry Potter’s wand maker and find out because I know it had magical powers, at least I thought it did.

I remember this happening only twice. And, I felt that everything was righted afterwards.

When I think back about those times, I truly believe that feeling of protection has stayed with me. Ultimately, they became a marker for my most core values and beliefs.

The truth always prevails.

Now, whether there was justice that is for another time and place. For you see, if you live from and from this natural law, that the truth always, always, always prevails. Your life will experience the grandest of experiences of all, God.

That is who I am and try to live by, because when we live and breath this way of being then we are free. We can surrender any and all facades that we have created, for whatever reason we created them for and live happily contented, at peace

Much Lighter

The interesting memory I have after having one of these moment with my grandfather, was that I felt lighter and the room became brighter. Every sense of my being was lifted, simplified.

I am smiling because I see my grandfather being the master of his creator. He always took care of what needed to be taken care of. I do not remember who he spoke with before or after our talk, or the action, if any, that was taken. All I know, then and now, was that everything was alright in the world, my world.

My husband and I are caretakers of that cabin and Erle’s talking stick still has it’s place where it always has been and will be, in it’s rightful place.



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New Year’s Resolutions

So, how many made New Year’s resolutions?

And, how many have adhered to those resolutions?

Hard? You bet it is. Why? Because we are human.

And, it’s okay.

Phew! Got that out of the way. Breathing easier? Hope so.

Let yourself off the hook for not sticking to your resolutions. Why? Because when you made the resolution, it was at the end of one year and heading into a NEW year. Two, because when you made them you might have been influenced by someone or something else, meaning, that it really wasn’t your resolution. Because that is what people do, though you didn’t want to. Third, you didn’t have the steps necessary to make the right resolution in the first place (most likely that is the key to successful resolutions being followed through with).

A Resolution is Like a Goal

So when you make a goal, what is your terminology? Do you set a time, date for completion/accomplishment? How do you feel? Yep, that is so important. Are you excited? or anxious?

There are many aspects that play a big, okay, well, HUGE, part of achieving a resolution or goal. Let’s look at a couple, okay, maybe a handful.

Goal Setting Steps

First and foremost, look at how you feel. If you are excited then you will attract the same kind of excitement and success to your goal. If you are anxious, you are focused on the future and not now, the present moment. Very important. Why? Because you will either see the excitement along your daily day to day goal achievements which will build momentum and the achievement of the goal will happen very easily. If you are depressed or anxious, you are focused on the past or future. When that happens you more then likely will not achieve your goal or it will be a HUGE struggle because the universe is responding to how you feel, not the words you are saying. Get excited.

Second, is the terminology you are using. If you use “wish”, “hope”, “dream”, then your resolution or goal will always be just that, a wish, a hope or a dream. Basically, it’s like living a fantasy. Use empowering positive words. “I am”, “I have” are great first word starters to a resolution/goal.

Third, is action. Acting is so important as it helps the terminology and feeling supporting the resolution/goal. Act like your goal is already achieved. When you act like its already happened, see how you feel. For me when I changed how I set goals, it’s almost like a huge weight gets lifted off of me. And, the silly thing is, is to look at how many successes you’ve already had to get to where you are today. Just because you are not an astronaut, a starring ballerina or Bill Gates, does not mean that you have not been successful. You’ve learned to crawl, walk, ride a bike and so on; so why the crazy seriousness of thinking your goals are not achievable. They are achievable because you are…successful. Act like your goal has already happened.

Fourth, Is the resolution/goal logical and realistic. This is important to understand and grasp. If you are setting a goal which is really a dream or maybe a dream you had in the past or possibly someone else’s wish/hope/dream for you, then it is a vicious circle of unfulfillment. Take baby steps, if you will. In other words, it is more likely to be attainable if the goal and the steps are logical. If you’ve never written a book and you expect to write a book by the end of the year, that is NOT logical or realistic. If you’ve written A LOT, and have bits and pieces of writing that if put together could become a book, then you are on your way to being an authored and having a published book.

Fifth, be date and time specific. When we set a resolution/goal that does not state a date and time for the fruition of the resolution/goal to be achieved, then it goes on for infinity and beyond. Seriously. Setting a goal for losing 5 lbs. by March 1st, 2016 is logical, realistic, date and time specific and attainable.

Sixth. Support along the way. Gather minions or supportive people and places to assist in the achievement of your resolution/goal. Find a coach, people that support your greater good (not someone who brings you down), and find new places or even recreate your own home that supports you in achieving your goal. These are so important. Why? Because we all need people and places that give us the unconditional love, support, encouragement along the way. We CAN not do it alone, but, we can do it together. Gather your support and let them know what your goal is and ask them to check in with you and help you through the times when you think it is not going to happen.

Example ~

(Mindset: Thinking of something that helps me to create healthy and positive excitement. My successes. “I have lost weight and I keep it off”)

Goal: I have lost 5 lbs. by March 1, 2016

Be easy about all of this. Give yourself permission to achieve. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat as needed. Meditate. Focus. Make an inspiration board that you can look at every day. Read inspiring books, websites, Meme’s that give you the nudge to get you past the hiccups along the way and gets you going towards your resolution/goal.

Write it down and then let it go. I know, I know, you are thinking that I’ve gone mad. Well, yes, frankly I have. Bonkers if you will. But then so many of the greatest people are bonkers. Have fun with this. Play. Color outside the box. Set the goal as the steps listed above and see what happens.

Enjoy your life, have fun every day, and blessings,


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In the Spirit of Christmas

What is Christmas?

To some it is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth day. To some it is Joy. To some it is a struggle. To some it is full of pain. And, to some it is just another day.

Why do we differ when it comes to this day?

It all depends upon what our beliefs are surrounding this time of year and this day. More then likely, it has to do with our childhood and how our parents and family celebrated, or not, Christ mas.

How do we handle how we feel surrounding the acknowledgement of Christ’s birth day? Celebrate has many forms. Some go to Church Christ mas eve as well as, Christ mas day. Some gather with family. Some gather with friends who they call family. Some go to the movies and others take a trip. No matter how we handle this time of year and this day, it is how we feel that is the most important to be aware of, our feelings.

When I focus on the Christ consciousness of this day, I relish in the knowing that I too have the same possibility of living a life of Christ consciousness. I am not Jesus, but I am a light spirit in a human body that can embody the Christ consciousness in my day to day life. Well, at least I try and work at it as best I can. So, in essence you could say that I am a working embodiment of the Christ consciousness as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

What does that mean?

It means that every day I have a routine, a set of beliefs that keep me grounded (and, in some instances ethereal, when needed), and, ultimately, a focus on the what Jesus Christ embodied. Unconditional love is key. Not having any conditions required by anyone or anything. Praying for guidance and meditating for the answers. Do I hear the messages? You bet I do. Not necessarily when I meditate, but they do come. Do I adhere to them? As best I can. And, important to note…is the question…Why do I not? Because of free will. Yes, that is what Jesus’s main messages was…was to listen to God and when you hear what It/He/She has to say whether through a song, or someone, a billboard or the wind that blows the chimes, is to take action.

Why would I do that?

Because I have found that when I or someone I know has heard the message and they or I do not adhere to the message, things happen or they don’t. Sitting here typing this blog was the message I received today and the gift I am to bestow on others. Whether you read this or not, whether you take your own action or not, is not my business. Your business is your business. The question I have for you is, What are you going to do about your messages, your gifts that God is bestowing upon you today?

Be Present.

Be present to the gifts that surround you now. This is in the form of appreciation and gratitude. Be grateful for the gifts in your present life will attract your ultimate desires. Wishing and hoping and praying without adhering to the messages, i.e., taking action, will keep you where you are at. And, that is okay, too. Not taking action is an action. But the question I pose for you if you do this is, When you take a moment and reflect, how many times has this come up for you in the past? Did you take action or not?

How do you Feel?

Be okay with this new awareness. Acknowledge the gift of this feeling. Why? Because it will help you to understand you. It will also give you the opportunity to rise above and learn the tools to help you along your path to further enlightenment. Should you choose to do so. If not, that is okay too. Why? Because that just might work for you. If not, take the first step in learning the tools to help you achieve the successes, the gifts, that you so hungrily desire.

Being in the moment

Is one of the toughest things to do for a lot of people. Yet, it is one of the most important ways of being. Why? Because it allows us to be present, another gift, to see the beauty that surrounds us all the time. Yes, it is true. It is out there, surrounding us, flowing through us ALL OF THE TIME. It is the eyes or glasses that we are looking through that sees this beauty, or not. When we meditate, another gift, it teaches us to slow our minds down so that when we are out in our daily life, we can truly see what is the message, the beauty, and the unconditional love that has been bestowed upon us by God. Yet, for some, they never see it. Why? Don’t know. None of my business.

What is my business?

My business is me being me, another gift, that I am, shining my light and unconditional love wherever I go to whoever I see, no matter what. Yep, that is all of our truths, Christ consciousness, duty, purpose. That is my gift to others. And, it is my gift to you.

Be in the Christ mas (more Christlike) today.

Bestow His gifts to you and yours this Christ mas day 2015. Be the light. Be the unconditional love. Breathe in and Breathe out. Be still long enough to see the beauty that God has given to you and us all. Celebrate life now and always.

Blessings and Merry Christ mas


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