Light the Passion Within

Light the Passion Within

The only one-on-one Spiritual Coaching Program for people  who desire to ignite or re-ignite their passion to live their purpose fully, abundantly, and joyfully.


Blast out of old limiting beliefs and jump start yourself to create the life of your dreams?

(You betcha!)

Develop the mindset for success so you can be your own light in all areas of your life, whether finding your purpose and shining brightly, harmonious relationships, awesome health AND a wealth of abundance (and I do mean of the financial kind!)?

Create an empowered, joyful, freedom lifestyle following your true path, all the while making an inspiring impact on the world?


To get there, you need to:

  • Ditch the need to be perfect. Yep, you heard me say it. Ditch it!

  • Abolish old beliefs that aren’t serving you AT ALL!!! Yep, you heard me say that too! Out with the old and in with the new!’

No matter if …

  • You’ve tried other unsuccessful therapies before and you’re not sure about hiring a life coach, and a spiritual one at that;

  • You feel coaching is for other people;

  • You’re new to coaching or have tried it before with no success;

  • You feel vulnerable and you’re not sure what to expect;

  • I understand your fears and I’m here to tell you that you are in the right place.

I’m Anne K. Ross, a certified Spiritual Life Coach/Spiritual Accelerator and intuitive healer with certification in meditation, hypnosis, tracking energy and past life regression. I teach the 3B’s: “better belief building” and spirit centered life tools, to  anyone who wants more out of life and are ready to take it up another notch. I created my signature coaching program, Light the Passion Within for people who are ready to show up, get excited, and play full out being their authentic self.

10 Years Ago… I Hit “The Wall”
Can You Relate?

About 10 years ago I was at a point that didn’t feel good; I hit the wall as I like to call it. I’d nudged up against it several times but this time it was real enough that I knew I needed to do something.

I didn’t know who I was anymore, or even if I knew who I ever was. I realized that my life was based upon how others wanted me to be, for their happiness. My growing up years were difficult. I was the good girl who was there for everyone else when they needed it. So, for the most part I kept on that path, thinking I was happy, as long as I fulfilled others’ expectations.

When I hit the wall, I stopped everything in my life. I had created a thriving accounting practice with my husband of 25 years (at the time) and have two daughters. So I stopped it all. Stopped working, reduced my role as a mother to a basic level. I took a sabbatical of sorts.

What I did was research and find a therapist (at the time there were no coaches). I started diving deep and really searching out what worked for me and what didn’t. Kind of like weeding the garden. I pulled out outdated beliefs and threw them in the compost heap. Then I found other supportive teachings through seminars and education.

Just when I thought all was well and I was more human again, I was introduced to a series of seminars that eventually led me to becoming a certified spiritual life coach. Each step built upon the other and created a wealth of knowledge and understanding. I really became more of an expert. I kept watering myself with these teachings and became more knowledgeable.

The seed that was planted created my resurgence, and my empowerment was reconnecting with my higher source, Spirit, God. There are many names to label: It, Source, Infinite Intelligence, Buddha; but the root of all our desires is to be loved, validated, and accepted by ourselves first! In turn, it’s also our purpose to love, validate and accept others as unconditional light and love. How we do this is by being connected to this higher source of light and love. And, God is energy living within us and we all have the power to plug in, turn on, and light up.

There is always more to the story and the story continued to hosting my own Midlife Mastery Summit in 2018.  There I interviewed 24 experts in the field of mastering midlife.  Within that field of experts I connected with Bonnie Serretore, Spiritual Acceleration, and master tracker.  I was really intrigued with her ability to track energy through our emotions.  After several sessions, I was hooked!  What I found was that I have always had an innate natural ability and through personal experience, track energy.  By advancing my training with Bonnie in her Foundations and Advanced courses, I gave myself the gift of myself and honoring my abilities, label it what I am and help people transform their lives.  It was truly Divine intervention and one experience that I am eternally grateful for.

Recently, I became certified as a Past Life Regression trainee through Dolores Cannon’s QHHT, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy.  This added bonus teaching has furthered my skills in healing and enhanced my past life experience.  I am so excited to add this to my treasure chest of healing modalities as it has made my abilities sharper, keener and direct.

My Source, God, is my guide and He gives me the opportunity to serve others in their healing.  I could not do it without Him.  Eternally grateful.

This is the transformation I seek for anyone and everyone.  Although, in the end, it is up to you to not only desire the quest, but to take action.

Making Life a Game Was the Turning Point!

The key component to all the learning, and my teachings, is that for us to achieve our desires, live in peace and joy harmoniously with others, find and be on purpose, have financial abundance and be happy, is our direct connection to the light and energy that is our higher source, God. Which lives within ourselves.

Throughout my transformation and unbeknownst to me was that I was ultimately having an empowering effect on the people I knew. Anyone who shared themselves with me, I was healing. The flower bloomed as I realized how passionate I am for helping others.

Helping and serving others is a passion for me and now it is the foundation of my belief system.

As it was for me, so has it been for many whom I’ve helped to reduce stress, stay in a calmer state whatever they are dealing with, find joy (again, and again and again), reduce or eliminate false beliefs, and create better building beliefs that work for the greater good of all. Most importantly, is to be happy or to at least strive for that every day.

My fundamental philosophy is to make life a game. Why? Because when I coach my clients I want it to be FUN! When we are having fun individually or collectively, we are in a higher vibration of energy. Living life in this mode releases any negativity (bad energy), and gives us a direct connection to our light source, God. When we are connected to this higher power, we can achieve anything. It is what God wants for us. To be happy being what our purpose is with everything that gives us joy.

You’re clamoring “Tell me Tell me, I want to know more.”

Here are my Signature Coaching Services… Come Play with Me!

What I love about my coaching are the opportunities. Sometimes it feels when there are opportunities it makes it easier for to see the truth of who and what we are. Whether just starting out to connect with a coach, or if you’ve already had some coaching experience, seek out which one sounds and feels the best for you.  I know I can help you.

My fundamental philosophy is to make life a game and I’ve designed my Light the Passion Within coaching so that:

  • You feel safe and our relationship is based upon trust.

  • You get to learn or re-learn how to play and have fun.

  • Although there is a learning curve to anything new, you win by how much you are willing to play full out.

By creating this style of atmosphere for my clients, I have found that it makes it easier for them to learn and implement the toys, so that they can play in their life more purposeful, successful and happier. Toys? Yes, toys! It’s what I refer to as my tools.

Within my fundamental philosophy of making life a game, I have developed toys that we get to play with together. You will learn to play with a few of them or all of them. It is your choice, and I help you to choose which ones will work for you, the best for your success. They are all fun to play with and have opened many opportunities that, when routinely played with, my client’s lives have been positively, playfully, and passionately transformed.

What do you want out of life? Are you a go-getter, want to do it now and are ready to hit the ground running? Or, do you like to take your time? There are no wrong answers when we play together.

Together we can journey your path to spiritual freedom through a Come Play with Me Call.

Read through my website and sit for a minute or two. Take a couple of deep breathes, hold, release. Do that 3 times and just be with the information for a bit. Relaxed? Hope so.

Light the Passion Within Coaching benefits:

* Calm * Peace of Mind
* Happier * Harmonious Relationships
* Joyful * Abundance
* Health * Passion driven purpose
* Confidence * Passionate

And the hidden gem to it all is a deeper and more direct connection to the infinite intelligence, our higher source of light, God. It is when we are more closely connected to our power source that thoughts, words, and actions shift so we can live our lives more fully. What your life is going to look like is ultimately your choice. You get to choose. My job is to guide you to your desires.

If You’re Ready to Transform Your Life
And Make Your Dream Life Reality!

I have spent countless hours and dollars in programs and courses, waiting to get to where I am. Do you want to keep waiting? I didn’t think so. We can start NOW, or, you can keep on waiting, and waiting, hoping that things will change on their own. You choose, it’s up to you!

We start with…


Primary to taking on this new adventure, is to let go and trust. To do this I create a trusted and safe environment for you to be you. When you let go, you will land on solid ground or fly.

I prefer that you fly. So, then …

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Throughout the entire coaching I constantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. It is important for not just success but continued success, beyond your wildest dreams success.

We work, or play as I like to call it, together to dig down and discover the beliefs that no longer serve you and re-write ones that will give you the solid foundation to empower the building of your new You!

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Yes, play! You get access to my treasure chest of tried and true toys that, when incorporated into your daily life, have proven to be life altering and FUN! I’ll show you step-by-step how to play with each of them, and I’ll support you along those steps so you build the confidence in incorporating them into your daily life. Your progression is built on confidence and you getting excited about YOUR life, YOUR goals, YOUR DREAMS!

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From day one I’m your biggest fan and 150% behind you all the way. It is who I AM for you. I’ll be there during all our contact, from the Come Play with Me Call to our one-on-one coaching sessions, AND, e-mail contact as well. I’ll be there to guide you through your development and growth, discovery and implementation, awareness and successes.

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The Light the Passion Within coaching gives you the confidence and joy you need to pursue your life dreams and goals. Together we’ll:

  • Obliterate the false beliefs and fear that aren’t serving your greater good

  • Create your truest beliefs that will be the foundation of you building a more empowered and confident voice

  • Put joy into your everyday life so you can be the star you’ve always known you to be AND, by doing so, creating loving, harmonious and fun relationships in any part of your life, personal, social and work (or play as I like to call it)

  • Get you to the place where you walk hand-in-hand with your Infinite Intelligence, God, a connection where you’ll feel the greatest energy of love, always. AND, who I might say has been with you all along encouraging, nudging, putting you in line with your dreams and desires (you just weren’t awake enough, aware enough, or just wasn’t sure that those nudges were really for you).

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Don’t kid yourself any longer. Well, be a kid, and COME PLAY WITH ME!

What is Joyful Living Worth to You?

I am only one woman and I really give of myself fully. There are only a limited number of spots available and they fill up quickly. I can’t guarantee how long it will be in my program to take on more clients. If you are truly serious about making the change you desire in your life, playing full out, having an exciting and happy life, the time is now.

There is NO COST to get started… Sign up Now for a 30-minute complimentary Come Play with Me call and let’s talk. If you have butterflies in your stomach and you are getting antsy, that’s a sign that this is for you.

Claim your spot Now! Get started Now! Your future is depending on it.

NO COST to Get Started

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For a 30-minute complimentary Come Play with Me Call

Do NOT Let Fear of Change Continue to
Hold You Back from Your Dream Life

Light the Passion Within is a unique coaching program. I’ll show you how to make life a game and have fun in any situation, good or bad. People will be amazed at the new you, by the light that you bring into any room, any relationship, and any challenge that arises in your life. People will gravitate to you and want to know, “What have you done with yourself? You look AMAZING!”

And, the secret? You’ll just be Happy from the inside, out. Don’t wait another minute, come on and play with me!

The Tangibles


  • Confidence in you! Building better beliefs is key to confidence. You’ll know who you are and what you want and will be able to speak confidently.

  • Mastery in understanding energy which connects you with your higher self, God, who is always there for you to support your greater good. Shining the light on each step of your path. Hand-in-hand.

  • Strength in who you are and knowing your dreams and goals so you can step eagerly onto the next step on your path.

  • Peace of mind, body, and spirit to live in the present moment, the now.

  • Happiness and joy will be your new best friend and you’ll spread that joy to everything you do, which in turn attracts the same like-minded people, things, and experiences intentionally.

  • You’ll have the affirmative mindset to pursue and achieve your goals.

  • Confidence that you can be in any situation and know what to lovingly and compassionately voice and be calmly well received (even if they don’t agree with you!)

  • Succeed at mastery of goal setting and implementing.

  • Full comprehension of your purpose and how to implement it into reality.

  • Abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Whether financial, health or relationships, you’ll create and receive whatever it is you want abundantly.

It’s Play Time!

Act now to take advantage of Anne K. Ross’s Light the Passion Within, so you can light or re-ignite yourself at full power and get:

  • Enlightening and powerful insights and tools (toys) that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, happy and eager.

  • Build Better Beliefs that support YOUR purpose

  • Coaching that focuses on YOU, just YOU; where you get personal access to just ME the entire program.

  • Anytime access to my FB group to find like-minded, strong women to connect, get inspired, and more info/stuff/toys to support YOU.

  • Unlimited access to all course video’s & PDF’S in my toy chest.

  • Accountability Anne who’ll help you kick it up a notch and stay on track.

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STILL Can’t Decide?
I’m Guessing That’s Something We’ll Need to Work On!

And here’s why I’m the right choice for you…

Expert Intuitive

Yep, that’s me! Weird? Yeah, I’ve heard it before. There are naysayers and nonbelievers out there, and I am here to tell you that I AM an Expert Intuitive. When we get to know each other and you allow me, trust me to assist you on your journey, using my expert intuitive skills, your life will be changed for the better BIG TIME. When we connect I have, by the grace of the divine light, to connect with you deeply.

Through my entire life, unbeknownst to me at a young age, I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO ASSESS ENERGY in a room of people, individuals, anywhere and anytime. Because I pooh poohed it in the beginning (thinking I was weird) I didn’t realize the wonderful gift that it is, until I gifted myself to hone the skill. And, it is an amazing gift, especially to share it with those seeking guidance.

I can sense when you are not happy, can assist you in diving deep with me to uncover what it is that is keeping you blocked, stuck, unhappy, unmotivated, uninspired, and just plain not your true self. Only by giving yourself the opportunity to be aware of it, verbalize it, and look at it with a new set of eyes, will true healing occur.

I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU IN THAT ENDEAVOR, completely 100%, trusting the process and ALLOWING you to LIGHT UP! (Value: PRICELESS)

What the heck are you waiting for?

This step-by-step game plan is only for women who are serious about playing full out and living a life of their dreams, going outside their comfort zone and being HAPPY! I know what it takes to achieve my dreams!

  • I am certified as a Spiritual Life Coach

  • I’ve spent countless hours and $$$ in education achieving my certification, and training

  • I AM living the life of my dreams.

I see my path lighting up all the time. My experience and knowledge shows that you can live your life passionately and on purpose.

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You’re certainly ready for Light the Passion Within if …

  • You know your life could be so much more fulfilling and happier.

  • You feel stuck and are willing to do things to play full out, in order to win in life.

  • You want more out of life.

  • You are a go-getter who likes to take action.

  • You genuinely want to pursue your dreams and you don’t mind a little hard work

  • You want to be in control of your success.

  • You truly desire to improve your health.

  • You know the value of guided one-on-one coaching.

You’re certainly NOT ready for Light the Passion Within if …

  • You’re lazy and non-committal.

  • You’re not open to finding new ways to do things.

  • You’re a whiner and complainer about the card life has dealt for you.

  • You’re unwilling to see the dollar value that it takes to improve your life.

  • You’re unwilling to be open to spirituality of any kind.

  • You’re not a team player.

  • You’re not interested in improving your connections to people and building better relationships.

  • You’re a party pooper.

Ring, Ring: Doors are Closing

The door is closing soon. Yes! I can’t leave it open forever. Your time is Now. Don’t wait any longer. If I fill the spots up then I will have to close the doors earlier. You don’t want that to happen, or, do you?

The choice is yours, sign up now, I am not waiting around. Unless you move, the place where you are is the place where you will always be. It’s time to choose… It’s time to move!

NO COST to Get Started

For a 30-minute complimentary Come Play with Me Call

When you click the button and sign up to play with me, you will receive an email acknowledging your registration. You will then get information to sign up for your first coaching appointment. When we “meet” to play together, I will go over what I call “housekeeping” which is a list of what I do and what you will do in our time together. It is how we both will show up for all the appointments and when and how you’ll make your payment(s).

It is so easy, that you’ll be laughing afterwards at how hard you were making it for yourself. I know, ‘cuz I’ve been there and done that and the reward far outweighed the initial pain.

No More Pain! We are going to have FUN and play to your possibilities and purpose.

Ready to play full out in life for your purpose, relationships, abundance and health?

Click Pick Me, Pick Me, I Wanna Play to Win!

Remember, the door is closing, so if you want in to WIN, you must do it Now!  I don’t know when I’ll be opening them again, it may be awhile.

So, click Pick Me, Pick Me, I Wanna Play to Win! NOW!

NOTE: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is this program for?

A: Women who have had some or no coaching who want to break out of their current stagnant life.

Q: I don’t know if you’re the one I should hire as a coach?

A: You won’t know until you Click: PRESS PLAY TO WIN! and set up a complimentary 30-minute Come Play with Me call. I guarantee that we will clear up your hesitancy in a heartbeat.

Q: I don’t have the money; how can I afford your services?

A: My question to you is, how long have you said that mantra, “I don’t have the money”? If it’s a common thread in your past and present life, unless you PRESS PLAY TO WIN! you’ll keep on that same mantra and guess what? You won’t have the money for this or anything else.

Q: I’ve got a lot of questions; how do I contact you?

A: Click PRESS PLAY TO WIN! and set up a Come Play with Me call. Easy Peazy!

Q: How do I pay when we get scheduled coaching play dates set up?

A: Another Easy Peazy, I have PayPal and everything is done through my account. This is a very secure site if you’ve never used it before and I repeat, again, very Easy Peazy!

Q: Will I have to spend a lot of time outside the coaching calls?

A: Of course, BUT, it all depends upon how much you want to get out of the place you are at. You can go full-on like the winner I know you are, or you can take it slower, the choice is yours. Your life will keep moving and it all comes down to how fast you want to take it.

Q: I’m embarrassed to tell people that I’m hiring a coach, so how do I handle that dilemma?

A: It’s only a dilemma if you believe it is. Personally and professionally, the more honest we are, yes, honesty and a little vulnerable as painful as it may seem, is the biggest and best way for growth and evolution to the new You! Aren’t you tired of hiding? Thought so.


Still have questions? No worries. I want you to make the most out of freeing yourself to playing full out and being the You you’ve always dreamed and desired to be. This is an important choice for you. Just email me at and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Your life matters, it matters to a lot of people – just like it matters to ME. If you want the successes for yourself in your purpose, health, abundance, and relationships – to kick it up a notch – then anything is possible once you make the choice. You’ll have a sense of relief and success instantaneously.

It’s time to choose… It’s time to move… It’s time to WIN!

NO COST to Get Started!

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For a 30-minute complimentary Come Play with Me Call