In the Spirit of Christmas

What is Christmas?

To some it is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth day. To some it is Joy. To some it is a struggle. To some it is full of pain. And, to some it is just another day.

Why do we differ when it comes to this day?

It all depends upon what our beliefs are surrounding this time of year and this day. More then likely, it has to do with our childhood and how our parents and family celebrated, or not, Christ mas.

How do we handle how we feel surrounding the acknowledgement of Christ’s birth day? Celebrate has many forms. Some go to Church Christ mas eve as well as, Christ mas day. Some gather with family. Some gather with friends who they call family. Some go to the movies and others take a trip. No matter how we handle this time of year and this day, it is how we feel that is the most important to be aware of, our feelings.

When I focus on the Christ consciousness of this day, I relish in the knowing that I too have the same possibility of living a life of Christ consciousness. I am not Jesus, but I am a light spirit in a human body that can embody the Christ consciousness in my day to day life. Well, at least I try and work at it as best I can. So, in essence you could say that I am a working embodiment of the Christ consciousness as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

What does that mean?

It means that every day I have a routine, a set of beliefs that keep me grounded (and, in some instances ethereal, when needed), and, ultimately, a focus on the what Jesus Christ embodied. Unconditional love is key. Not having any conditions required by anyone or anything. Praying for guidance and meditating for the answers. Do I hear the messages? You bet I do. Not necessarily when I meditate, but they do come. Do I adhere to them? As best I can. And, important to note…is the question…Why do I not? Because of free will. Yes, that is what Jesus’s main messages was…was to listen to God and when you hear what It/He/She has to say whether through a song, or someone, a billboard or the wind that blows the chimes, is to take action.

Why would I do that?

Because I have found that when I or someone I know has heard the message and they or I do not adhere to the message, things happen or they don’t. Sitting here typing this blog was the message I received today and the gift I am to bestow on others. Whether you read this or not, whether you take your own action or not, is not my business. Your business is your business. The question I have for you is, What are you going to do about your messages, your gifts that God is bestowing upon you today?

Be Present.

Be present to the gifts that surround you now. This is in the form of appreciation and gratitude. Be grateful for the gifts in your present life will attract your ultimate desires. Wishing and hoping and praying without adhering to the messages, i.e., taking action, will keep you where you are at. And, that is okay, too. Not taking action is an action. But the question I pose for you if you do this is, When you take a moment and reflect, how many times has this come up for you in the past? Did you take action or not?

How do you Feel?

Be okay with this new awareness. Acknowledge the gift of this feeling. Why? Because it will help you to understand you. It will also give you the opportunity to rise above and learn the tools to help you along your path to further enlightenment. Should you choose to do so. If not, that is okay too. Why? Because that just might work for you. If not, take the first step in learning the tools to help you achieve the successes, the gifts, that you so hungrily desire.

Being in the moment

Is one of the toughest things to do for a lot of people. Yet, it is one of the most important ways of being. Why? Because it allows us to be present, another gift, to see the beauty that surrounds us all the time. Yes, it is true. It is out there, surrounding us, flowing through us ALL OF THE TIME. It is the eyes or glasses that we are looking through that sees this beauty, or not. When we meditate, another gift, it teaches us to slow our minds down so that when we are out in our daily life, we can truly see what is the message, the beauty, and the unconditional love that has been bestowed upon us by God. Yet, for some, they never see it. Why? Don’t know. None of my business.

What is my business?

My business is me being me, another gift, that I am, shining my light and unconditional love wherever I go to whoever I see, no matter what. Yep, that is all of our truths, Christ consciousness, duty, purpose. That is my gift to others. And, it is my gift to you.

Be in the Christ mas (more Christlike) today.

Bestow His gifts to you and yours this Christ mas day 2015. Be the light. Be the unconditional love. Breathe in and Breathe out. Be still long enough to see the beauty that God has given to you and us all. Celebrate life now and always.

Blessings and Merry Christ mas


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Giving Thanks

I love this time of year where I live. The leaves change color, and, it is stunning. Change. Some if not most of the time can be relatively easy, note the term relatively. It all depends upon you. For instance the fall colors, I love them, some don’t. Why? Because it also means the trees shedding their leaves and to some that appears as death. To me, it means sloughing off of the old and time to go inward. Keeping what works and get rid of what doesn’t, which is a wonderful reason for living in gratitude at all times.

Taking the time for each season as each season changes, is necessary for growth, spiritual growth and physiological. If I don’t take the time to reflect, ponder and tend to what needs tending, then, eventually, those “things” come up again and again until I take care of them or something “unexpected” happens. Tending to the “things” or beliefs or situations that are coming up for me can be tended to in several different manners. Being aware of them is first and foremost. Acknowledging that there is something that needs care and feeding. It is uncomfortable at times because depending upon what it is that I am facing within myself, I need to be mindful of how deep to ponder. If dwelling on the “thing” too long, can be debilitating and I end up spiraling too deep. Set the timer. Allow only so much time to ponder and most important, give yourself permission to be grateful, thankful for your honoring your true self.

Raking the leaves and ridding the yard of the unneeded is good for the landscape. Keeping the leaves, in certain areas, is also good. Why? Because they will compost down and help that areas health. If I let all the leaves where they lay, it is definitely not good on my driveway or sidewalk. I slip or fall, others might do the same. And, it will clog the drain causing a build up of water and other debris near the drain. As in nature, my life can be the same. There are things that I need tending to and dealt with in the appropriate manner. If I don’t, then I get clogged up and debris (dis-ease) sets in. I might get angrier then necessary, sick, paper cut, stubbed toe, etc. etc. AND, I usually know why.

It is going to be okay.

The other reason I love this time of year is it is the annual time when we give thanks for our abundance. Things such as an able body, mind, abundance in our health, friends, family and material possessions, career and purpose. And, no matter what I have or don’t have, do or don’t do, I am grateful and very thankful that I am who I am and where I am in my life. Why? Because I created and manifested what is before me and when I come from this place of appreciation, more comes my way. Thankful, very thankful.

One thought that has arisen over the last few years at this time of year is tradition. It has always been a tradition to join with friends and family on the last thursday of the year to celebrate thankfulness. Where did this come from? We all know that it was the pilgrims and indians who sat together at a table and shared food and community. But when I think about it, did they all come back together the next year and the next? How has this changed over the years? And, when did Macy’s become part of the tradition, for some? Just sayin’.

Family and tradition is what it is for those that make it so. With this I mean, my family tradition has changed. Why? Because my family changed. I changed. There were some things that just did not work out for me. Why? Frankly, sometimes I don’t know. Other times, it was the family dynamics. I live farther away and trying to please others can be quite a challenge. So, what I do is I ask myself where do I want to spend my thanksgiving and with who. Most of the time it is with my immediate family. Sometimes a friend or two will join in. Am I good with that. Yes. Do I worry how others feel about it? No. Used to but now, No. It was not serving my greater good, for whatever reason, and that is just the way it is.

When we grow up in a family under one roof, there were traditions that were kept up, recreated and adapted to the current situation. Most of the time it was a large gathering. The only reason why I may feel sad is because that tradition was not kept up. And, a lot has to do with family members that are no longer with us and because of that, the dynamics change. Yes, that is probably a “thing” that I need to ponder more, the fact that just because certain family members are gone shouldn’t be the reason I don’t attend a family tradition, but people and things change. And, that is okay.

I am thankful for the history. I am thankful for my herstory. I am thankful for the traditions of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my traditions, old and new. I am thankful for my family, all of them. I am thankful for this country. I am thankful for friends and neighbors.

This is my belief. I take the stand for standing up for oneself, voicing what needs to be said and acting accordingly to what serves the greater good, even if it means change. Change always happens. Within one minute there are so many changes in so many things. If I follow my inner guidance of what my truth is then I live a more fulfilled life. If someone or others don’t agree, that is okay. That is their belief and I honor that. Whether they honor my belief is none of my business. Dr. Terri Cole-Whitaker states, “It is none of my business what you think of me”, and vice versa.

Our purpose is to have fun and reach our desires. Thanksgiving is the same. Find your happy place, go have fun with those you have fun with. Create abundant health by having fun. Reach your desires by finding the fun and joy where you flourish. Hence the term, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

The holidays are upon us and it can cause for some a feeling of uncomfortableness, anxiety, fear, depression, guilt and shame. My offer is for this; do what you need to do to be authentic, feel good about yourself and be grateful, thankful, appreciative for yourself and others. Most important, is to be healthy, honest and speak coming from the heart in your actions. Seek outside guidance from a licensed, certified professional if you have had in the past or currently have a difficult time with the holidays. There is no guilt or shame in the seeking of outside professional help. I did and it helps, alot.

Very thankful,


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Tribute to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

In Honor

Reading all of the tributes and honors to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer the last couple of days has been very therapeutic. Yesterday we found out that an employee’s sister transitioned as well, young, way too early. I’ve realized that in reading all of the tributes and honors that he will be missed greatly. Especially when we all looked forward to his next book or his next workshop or speaking engagement.

In my reality, though I will miss his physical presence, I know that he will do so much greater good for us all on such an even higher level. That thought and belief give me even greater love to a man who has propelled the masses to a higher level of enlightened living. Knowing this gives me, also, the comfort that he is no longer in any pain, whether diagnosed, subconscious or, what I like to call, the pain of living large.

Big Loving Heart

You see, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer had a big heart. You can tell by the way he lived his life. He loved what he did, was passionately in love and so very focused in his determination and perseverance of getting “the word” out to the masses. The word, was His voice, God’s voice, to teach anyone and everyone how being the image of unconditional love was the way to live.

By his transitioning to the next realm means, for me, that he was not afraid of death AND, that he can do so much greater good in this higher spiritual realm. He has touched millions and it is through this touch that we can keep the momentum going on being and teaching his word, Be love, Know God, Be in love with the God within. Why? So, we then can go out in our world and keep that unconditional love momentum going.

Personal Experience

I know this first hand by the passing of my father when I was 1 1/2 years old. He too had a large giving loving heart. His presence has been in my life throughout my existence on Earth. I know I am comforted, protected, and loved all of the time because I feel it and know that that is who I am, Love, His love, God’s Love. And, that resides in me and all of us. The question is, are we awake enough to do something about it? I know I am. I AM Love.

In gratitude with much love and blessings,


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