Being Happy Book

Being Happy Book

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What you’ve been waiting for is here … The Being Happy Book!

“The SECRET to Making Your Life an Exciting Game and Achieving Your Dreams…”

I am so excited and blessed with the publishing of my book, Being Happy, The Sacred Art of Letting Go and Letting God. This was truly a gift from God. As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Reverend this experience was life transforming. As I had never intended to write a book, I am living proof that by utilizing the tools or “toys” as I like to call them, you can approach your daily life and empower your purpose, relationship(s) and health and achieve amazing results. This book is an evolution of my life’s journey and it’s been an awesome ride!

Please take a moment to look more into what it is all about.

Just click on the link below and you will be directed to my publishers page, Balboa Press, where you can purchase my book as an eBook or soft cover, “Being Happy ~ The Sacred Art of Letting Go and Letting God”.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

Reviewed by Jacquelyn Gilchrist

“I strongly believe that everyone has the power and ability to reprogram themselves to learn their own truth, their beliefs for their greater good.”

Do you remember the happiest time during your childhood? Has it been years since you felt that way? If so, then this is the right book for you. At its core, Ross’ personal development philosophy is about inviting positivity and joy into everyday life. She starts by asking the reader to imagine becoming childlike and full of wonder again. Set aside your worries about your 401(k) and your deadlines, and let yourself approach every new experience as if it were something to be savored. This approach might seem overly simplistic for some, but this is because true happiness is simplistic—it’s the rest of the world that makes life more complicated than it should be. Ross nudges readers along a journey toward better understanding of how their pasts inhibit present and future progress. She encourages readers to build the joyful life they deserve through the use of her “toys.” These include breath work, meditation, affirmations, and simply having fun. The author provides actionable directions and clear explanations for each of these.

A certified life coach, Ross practices what she preaches. As an example, she helped her husband turn his CPA business into a fun, playful environment—with visiting leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day and ugly sweater parties during the Christmas season. Under her influence, her husband’s clients began enjoying their appointments, which is certainly no small feat considering they go there to do their taxes. It’s Ross’ hope that her readers will learn how to be simultaneously compassionate and loving toward others, while putting their own emotional needs first. Despite the title, this book isn’t intended solely for a Christian audience. Refreshingly, the book is geared toward people of all faiths, as well as those who are comfortable in their lack of faith.