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Coaching Services

Hello and welcome! So glad you are here.

In the information that follows, you will find a list of services that I offer to help support you. I set up this document to act as a tool that you can use to determine if I am the right fit for you and your personal growth.

How to use this document.

Set up a no-obligation call with Anne to answer your questions and see if we are a match for your coaching journey.

My Coaching Program Philosophy

What I love about my coaching are the opportunities. Sometimes it feels when there are options it makes it easier for us to see the opportunities. Whether you are just starting out to connect with a coach or have already had some coaching experience the choice is yours.

My fundamental philosophy is to make life a game and I’ve designed my programs so that:

  • You feel safe and our relationship is based upon trust.

  • You get to learn how to play and have fun.

  • Although there is a learning curve to anything new, you win by how much you are willing to play full out.

By creating this style of atmosphere for my clients, I have found that it makes it easier for them to learn and implement the tools so that they can live their life more purposeful, successful and happier.

Within the fundamental philosophy of my coaching, I have developed tools that when incorporated into your daily life, you will experience shifts, almost instantly. I like to term my tools as toys because when we have a sense of play it makes everything so much easier to handle. Yes, even the not-so-fun stuff seems a little easier to manage.

You will learn to play with all of them. The benefits of bringing these tools into your daily life are all for your greater good. In the beginning, shifts will occur, opening of doors you would never have imagined and you’ll receive many transformations when these tools are routinely used. My client’s lives have been positively, playfully and passionately transformed.

What do YOU want out of life?

Are you a go getter and want to do it now and ready to hit the ground running? Or do you like to take your time? There are no wrong answers when we work together. Find out if we are a good fit for you can be guided by me through a Discovery Call.

I want you to be comfortable and kind to yourself. There is no rush. Read through my website and see what comes up for you. You’ll know the minute you read through the information if this is right for you, as that is how everything in life works. There’s something about “it” that you are drawn to.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Make YOU your #1 priority Invest in YOU and YOUR life Allow yourself to receive that special one on one care only achieved with a trained professional!

What I bring to our co-creative relationship:

  • Really knowing you, your life and caring about you and your successes.

  • A supportive commitment to being there 100% and holding the time together in deep and sacred space. It’s just you and me, us.

  • Spiritual connection that provides us with open and trusted communication. Again, sacred.

  • Accountability to hold and support your word.

  • Uncovering what is holding you back and together we clean house and clear them away.

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Questioning if this is right for you or if we are a good fit, is a great place to start.

If you’ve read this far, then you are curious. I love being curious.

My style of coaching is not for everyone just as any fashion style or sport is not for everyone. To find out the possibilities, please feel free to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery call. We can discuss your goals and desires or just get to know one another.

If it’s a fit, then we’ll schedule your first phone session appointment.

I hope I have answered all of your questions and curiosities.

Come play with me!

Thank you for taking the time and energy to consider me as your next step on guiding you on your path to Lighting the Passion Within.


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“I’m grateful for Anne’s skills and navigation of energetic clearing!  She’s helpmed me to find a deeper connection within myself, supporting clarity, truth and peace of mind.”

   ~Penny C., CST, Massage and Light Worker, Placerville, CA

“I have known Anne since High School.  She is an amazing person who is caring, loving and has a true passion for helping people.  I have done several sessions with her with amazing experiences.  They were so helpful.  It is important to keep an open mind to take it all in to get the full benefit.”

~Debby D., Physical Education Teacher, Pleasanton, CA